BJ Digital Printing & Signs

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Our Products 

We deliver a broad range of services from cutting edge full colour digital printing on banners, pull-up banners, car magnets, and car stickers to bumper stickers, jam bottle stickers, contravision(one way) window stickers, etc.

We also do name tags . To all the photographers out there, we have a wide variety of canvases that we print and block for you to bring the best out of your client's family photos.

If you need bumper stickers, no quantity too small. We also do business cards, pamphlets and books.

Digital Printing: Stickers, Sign Boards and Banners

We offer digital printing that ranges from small labels used on water bottles, jam bottles, honey bottles paint tins, etc, to large prints such as contravision on shop front windows, sign boards, bill boards, banners, etc.

We are not a labeling company that expects you to order 10 000 labels at a time. We are there for the smaller companies that need less quantity and quicker turn around time at a reasonable price. If you need 10 stickers or 1000, we will help you.  There are cheaper stickers that do not need to last as long and then the more expensive one. Just to explain, the cheap and more expensive relates to the glue at the back of the sticker. It is no use putting an expensive sticker on a honey bottle that will be sold within a month or two.

When it comes to a company sign board that is stuck onto chromadek steel, and needs to last a while longer, then we use the more expensive vinyl and we coat the sign with a UV layer to make it last even longer. Digital printing in the harsh sun of Africa only lasts about two years. The UV layer makes it last longer.

If you need a temporary sign, for example a golf day or a promotion, you can use a pvc banner that can be rolled up and put away. A good size is about 2mx1m but we can make any size. On the other hand, if you need an indoor sign to advertise your prices or specials, then a pull-up banner or x-frame will do the job.

If you have a shop front window that you would like to be able to see out of, yet do not want people to look into then we use contravision (one way vision). This vinyl, however, only carries a one year warranty. All your products can be printed on this vinyl.

Car Magnets:

We make use of two basic sizes, 600mm x 250mm and 500mm x 300mm. The reason we use these two sizes are they fit most car doors. We can make any size, taking into account that the magnet is only 610mm wide, but we recommend not going to big as the wind blows the magnets off the car. Please keep in mind if your car door has been to the panel beaters and they used body putty, the magnet will not stick. The car must be clean before you apply the magnet and DO NOT LEAVE the magnet on the car forever. You need to remove it regularly and clean it. If you leave a wet magnet on the door for long periods, your car door will rust. We put a clear layer of vinyl over our car magnets to prevent scratching.


Our canvas we use is the Rembrandt which is imported from Argentina and it is thicker and finer woven. It gives a beautiful, clear print quality. These prints are then mounted on wooden frames. You can choose from either a surround frame, that is where your picture goes down the sides of the block mount, or we can put a colour around the sides to finish off the canvas

Name tags:

For many years now we have been supplying the Department of Home Affairs, Spur, estate agents and restaurants with full colour domed name tags. The company logo is also added and we have put the photos of the relevant staff and their departments onto the name tag as well(it is used for security to ensure you are dealing with the correct staff member). A pin or magnet can be applied to the name name tag. We have an excellent turn around time of two to three days(as long as quantity is not thousands).